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GAM TECHNIC, acronym of Guaranteed AfterMarket, was born in 2013 but already has the qualities and experience of a veteran, thanks to the professionalism and expertise of Maurelli technicians.

The already wide range of GAM TECHNIC brand spare parts is constantly increasing, and is being enriched continuously.

Rich offer, excellent management of goods preparation times, careful selection of suppliers: these are just some of the qualities of GAM Technic, a private label that the Maurelli Group distributes exclusively in all its branches.

Maurelli Group a represents one of the leaders in the industry thanks to its ability to meet all market demands, offering a wide range of services involving trucks, trailers and semi-trailers at 360°.

To date, the GAM TECHNIC offer is very rich: Electrical Components, Kingpin Kits, Pneumatic Valves, Brake Chambers, Cabin Filters, Brake Levers, Brake Drums, Rivets, Batteries, Compressor Repair Kits, Wear Indicators, Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Electric windows, air springs, studs, nuts and washers, shock absorbers, steering rods and various accessories.



The GAM TECHNIC private label suppliers are all certified, and the products are all approved and certified according to European standards, and have a 1 – 2 year warranty according to the article.



Before being marketed, GAM TECHNIC products are subjected to sophisticated tests in the Maurelli Group laboratory, the multi-brand Interservice workshop in Trento. This is to ensure a safe and efficient product.



Furthermore, all GAM Technic catalogs, constantly updated, are characterized by the presence of cross-references from the GAM code to the original one and vice versa, as well as technical data sheets and sectioned images of the products complete with descriptions.